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Mummies are always looking out for natural or organic skincare products for their little one, especially when the little one has eczema-prone or sensitive skin. We are happy to recommend a new Australia Baby SkinCare range – Cherub Rubs with their products which made entrance into Singapore in April 2017.

About Cherub Rubs

Cherub Rubs is a baby skincare range product, developed by an Australian naturopath. Their products are fully certified organic – not just a couple of organic ingredients, but more than 95% of all the ingredients in the majority of the product range are certified organic. This means that Cherub Rubs products are not just free of petro-chemicals, artificial fragrances and colours, DEAs, SLS, PEGs and preservatives, but they are also one of the most pure and natural products you can buy. They take pride in not just using organic ingredients but have been awarded certified organic by several accreditation :

Natural Skincare for Eczema Relief

Cherub Rubs’ skincare range is suitable for infant, children and even elderly with sensitive and eczema-prone skin. We recommend using Cherub Rubs Baby Safe Hair & Body Wash, Skin Soothe, and Skin Balm products for your baby’s daily skincare regime. Since this product is suitable for baby, it is definitely safe for anyone with sensitive skin or eczema. Here are the recommended regime to prevent and relief eczema symptoms such as itching and dryness :

Cherub Rubs Hair & Body Wash



Cherub Rubs Baby Safe Hair & Body Wash : This 2-in-1 wash is all-natural and safe, even for newborns. It uses a blend of tea tree and lemon essential oils. This naturally lathering shampoo and body wash cleans the hair, skin and scalp, and is free from parabens, sulphates and petrochemicals. Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic to prevent infection of broken skin rash.




Cherub Rubs Skin Balm


Cherub Rubs Skin Balm : A rich and nourishing cream with organic oils, this versatile balm soothes dry, chapped skin on the hands, face, body, and lips. The combination of organic sandalwood, calendula and chamomile oils work to soothe dry skin, while the organic butters and oils help replenish and nourish. Suitable to be used after bath, to look in the moisture, massage a thin layer on the skin.





Cherub Rubs Skin Soothe : This is a light lotion, aloe vera-based mild antiseptic to help relieve itching from dry skin and eczema. It can soothe dry or itchy skin to prevent irritation and further scratching. It provides relief with a mild cooling sensation. Prevention is better than cure, thus it is important to find ways to minimize itching so that the baby or child will not scratch and break the skin.

Cherub Rubs products can be used liberally without fear of any side effects, unlike steroid creams. Using this safe range to manage eczema symptoms will minimize the need for medication.


Key Highlights of Cherub Rubs

  • Suitable for sensitive & all skin types
  • Can be used from newborn to adults
  • Safe for pregnant mums
  • May be applied to face, hair and body

There has been many good customer testimonials on the effectiveness of Cherub Rubs in helping to improve eczema condition. A mummy’s testimonial :

“My little boy’s skin has been in very good condition, whenever he is on Cherub Rubs. For his daily skin care regime, I use Baby Body & Hair wash to bathe, then apply Skin balm all over his body, and apply an especially thick layer at the nappy area as barrier cream. Skin Soothe also never failed to stop itchy mosquito bites. I always ensure all the baby care givers of my little Charles have sufficient supply of these 3 wonderful products” – Teresa S

Another happy user of Cherub Rubs product as shown in photo below. Observe how the skin inflammation reduced after a period of daily application : 


How to Order Cherub Rubs

Cherub Rubs products can be found in several departmental store in Singapore ie. Takashimaya, Isetan & OG. They are also sold in some hospital pharmacies ie. Raffles Hospital, Thomson Medical Centre.

Skinshare SG offers a special discount for all readers, family and friends on Cherub Rubs product which is purchased via their online store. It is very convenient for busy mummies, the products are delivered to your home/office. Use coupon code “SS10OFF” when you place your order online to get 10% discount! If you order above $60, delivery is FREE.

Cherub Rubs : Organic Baby Skincare

• Certified Organic and Toxic-Free • Natural Solution for Eczema relief • Safe for newborn, adult and elderly • Australian made & own

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