Papaw to the rescue…

Having a baby who just started walking means you have be prepared for bumps and cuts.

Toddlers tend to be inquisitive and curious, trying new stunts like holding a ball while walking very unsteadily. As much as we can try to baby proof the house, they could still  actually slip and fall.

If your toddler gets a scratch or bruise from a fall, do keep a tube of Lucas papaw ointment handy. This ointment is suitable for babies, and has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. You can apply on the wound after washing it will a mild antiseptic.

The tub is red and attractive, your toddler will be distracted easily while you apply on his/her forehead.

A truly handy ointment to have for any home with young kids!

Lucas Papaw is also a good treatment remedy for eczema inflamed skin. Read a detailed review here.


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