EUBOS Cream Bath Oil (200ml)


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Eubos Cream Bath Oil is an alkali-and-soap free, neutral pH mild cleanser, ideal relief for dry and sensitive skin. It provides relief from very dry skin that itches and tightens as well as other conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, nappy rash and prickly heat.

Recommended for all ages including baby and children who have dry skin.

Eubos Bath Oil is an ideal replacement for soap because it’s mild cleansing effect won’t affect the natural protective layer of your skin like conventional soaps do.

Made in Germany.


Natural Active Ingredients : 

Soy bean oil, sweet almond oil, camomile extract.


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  • Bath oil’s protective components cover the skin’s surface like a fine, ultra-thin film, nurturing the skin :

    • Preventing skin from itching or feeling of tightness
    • To improve & stabilize the skin’s moisture & lipid content, thus preventing scaling & drying out. It soothes the skin.
    • PEG-free, colourant-free, lanolin-free, alkali and soap-free. Contains quality fragrance for a refreshing feel.
    • It is formulated with a high concentration of polyunsaturated fatty acids, and Camomile extract with Bisabolol, thus leaving a smooth and supple feeling.


    In Germany, EUBOS is one of the most well-known pharmacy brands for dermatological cleansing and skin care. Decades of positive experience, also in dermatological practice, attest to the high quality of their products.

    Direction of Use :

    For bath:  1 cap full to be added to the bath. After bathing,  rinse with luke warm water.

    For showering: Apply to damp skin for few minutes to allow Eubos Cream Bath Oil to take effect, then rinse off.

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