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Prescribed by your doctor. Either taken orally or injected.

Don’t Automatically Reach for Antibiotics to Treat Eczema, Dermatologists Say

You may be itching like crazy, but before you decide to go on a course of antibiotics, check to see if you really have an infection. The American Academy of Dermatology recently released a list of “treatments and procedures that are not always necessary”. One of the items on the list states: Don’t use oral […]

Chloramine antihistamine

This is an oral antihistamine which is commonly recommended by doctors and dermatologists if you have allergy or eczema. It generally comes in foil packs of 4mg tablets. This antihistamine is safe for pregnancy and children, however please consult your doctor before you consume them. It’s less “potent” compared to other stronger antihistamine like Atarax, […]