Chloramine antihistamine

This is an oral antihistamine which is commonly recommended by doctors and dermatologists if you have allergy or eczema. It generally comes in foil packs of 4mg tablets. This antihistamine is safe for pregnancy and children, however please consult your doctor before you consume them.

It’s less “potent” compared to other stronger antihistamine like Atarax, and only relieves itching for about 12 hours, kicking in after about 2 hours.

Because Chloramine causes drowsiness, do only take it at night. The drowsiness helps eczema sufferers to fall asleep better, while reducing itch. In Singapore, Chloramine can be purchased over the counter but with your identity card. The actual ingredient is Chlorpheniramine.

[Source : Chloramine on MIMS]

Unknown to many, a more natural & holistic way to minimize itchiness and reduce histamine levels in your body is to adapt and change your diet. Did you know that there are many food that can actually aggravate itching and cause inflammation?

There are also natural anti-histamine food & supplement that can help reduce our histamine level, slowly allowing us to rely less on medication.

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