My top differences between Zyrtec and Chloramine

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I’ve used both Zyrtec and Chloramine (or chlorpheniramine) and based on my experience, here’s my top differences:

  1. Chloramine = drowsy. I only take this at night, and the drowsiness kicks in after an hour. However, the drowsiness does mean that I tend to scratch less at night.
  2. Zyrtec lasts longer. While Chloramine lasts me the 8 hours that I’m asleep, Zyrtec lasts me about 12 hours or more during the day.
  3. Chloramine can be taken during pregnancy, according to my doctor.
  4. While both are prescription medication, Chloramine seems to be more readily available from doctors. Doctors who don’t carry Zyrtec will usually prescribe Xyzal or Cetrizine.

Any other differences to share? Let me know!

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