Hope’s Relief Itch-Relief Care Pack


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Bundle Offer : 1 x 60g Hope’s Relief Eczema Cream (UP $26.90) + 1 x 110g Hope’s Relief Gel Itch Lotion (UP $28.90) + 1 x 90ml Hope’s Relief Topical Spray (UP $27.90)

Australian Award Winning Natural Eczema Skincare :

  • Soothes itching
  • Anti inflammatory
  • Calms dry or irritated skin
  • Moisturises + softens dry skin.

Usage : 

  • Hope’s Relief Premium Eczema Cream – Apply on very dry, cracked, scratched skin.
  • Hope’s Relief Itch-Gel Lotion – Apply on heat rash/inflammed red skin for instant cooling relief. Lighter, non-greasy
  • Hope’s Relief Topical Spray – ”No Touch – No Ouch” application. No need to touch those sensitive or irritated areas with hands. Just spray. Useful for fussy children who refuse applying lotion. For adults, helps relief itchy facial skin due to constant mask wearing.

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