Xyzal antihistamine

This post was written back in year 2009 when my eczema was spreading and my root cause was not found, and I had not discovered the eczema diet. This antihistamine was prescribed by my skin specialist (at Specialist Skin Centre). I’ve tried many different anti-histamines and so far this works the best for me. When I feel very itchy and a flare up is about to start, I normally pop one tablet. Fast acting: Takes effect in less than two hours. Itchiness is greatly reduced, and I can feel my skin calming down. And it lasts as long as 24 hours! At that time, I was prescribed oral steroids to suppress the rash. I try to avoid relying on oral steroids, so Xyzal is a lifesaver for me. Unlike other antihistamines, you can’t buy this off the shelf/pharmacy counter. It needs doctor’s prescription. [Update] : As of 2016, since I have been on the eczema diet and applying a hypoallergenic shielding lotion for my dust mites allergy, my rash has been under control and rarely flareup.

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  1. Bee says:

    This antihistamine is also known as Levocetirizine. I usually take a 5mg tablet at night when flare ups appear. By the next morning, I feel better.

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