Eczema Help Kit – Self-guide Package

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This self-help eczema help kit is curated by a certified nutrition therapist.


  • 1 x 114g organic aloe vera gel (Lily of the Desert)
  • 1 x 100ml hypoallergenic shielding moisturizer lotion (Gloves in a Bottle)
  • Eczema/Dermatitis Food Substitute Chart 
  • Eczema Diet – Asian Eating Out Guide 

** Products/services included worth $45

Our aim is to HELP you : 

Calm – Inflamed and itchy skin needs to be calmed down and one useful lotion is the cooling aloe vera gelly.

Care – Dry skin and sensitive eczema skin are prone to flareup by external irritants. These symptoms can be prevented by applying a hypoallergenic moisturizing and shielding lotion.

Heal – Healing the skin from within is done by correct food choices, eczema-friendly diet. This package includes 2 handy eczema-diet guide, tailored for the Asian diet :

  1. Food substitute chart – What food to avoid and what food you can substitute with, eczema-friendly food for skin healing
  2. Eating-out guide – Food selection which are eczema-friendly can sometimes be challenging when we are eating out or at work. However, there are many suitable selection at Asian food court, hawker centre and restaurants. This practical guide makes it much easier to stay on the eczema diet even when we are busy.


  • This package is for suitable for mild eczema/dermatitis condition.

    This is also suitable for those who want to try-out the eczema diet by themselves, with some tips and practical guide.

    This kit includes product that can help you CALM, CARE and HEAL your skin.

    Start on it at any time of your convenience.

    Testimonial : 

    Hello bee, my skin has improved. Not as red and inflamed. I’m sure the diet and supplements has helped. I’m now back on ur diet program as I had to break it after 2 weeks due to holidays. I’ll most likely need a follow up consult with you but maybe another 2-3 weeks time. I’m sticking to pork bone broth plus the vegetables u suggested I eat.  – Daphne  

    Have more queries/questions about this package? You would like to replace the products with your preferred products OR only interested in the self-help eczema food guide? Feel free to email our nutrition therapist for a customized quote :

    1. Rated 5 out of 5

      Pam Wong

      Thank you for the guide, its very useful, already I am eating the suggested food in the foodcourt.
      Let me try out and see how the diet works for me. When I need a more comprehensive guide I will reach out to you 🙂

      Thanks so much!

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