The condition of my hands are so much better!”

I was suffering from a mild infection from atopic dermatitis and was desperate for a resolution without prescriptions. When Bee reached out to me and offered the Argasol silver gel along with the Emu Oil, I was skeptical at first. After reading more about the products and reviews, I thought to give it a go.

Within a few days of application, the infection started to clear up and within a week, the condition of my hands are so much better! The best part is that this gel is baby-friendly as well. Thank you, Bee for doing what you do and making it your life’s work to help eczema patients.


The only effective oil to calm my 4-year old’s skin


I have been applying doctor-prescribed creams on my 4-year old’s skin each time she experiences an active flare. It has been a year and although assured by doctors that continued usage is ok, I did have my doubts.

So imagine my relief to be introduced to YNN emu oil! This has been the only effective thing to calm her skin. I still need to use doctor’s medication on bad days but instead of “maintaining” for days, now I cut it to just 1-2 days depending on the severity of the rashes and switch to emu oil as daily maintenance and this regime is working for us now. I’m very happy! Thank you Bee! 

Daphne (a happy mummy)

My girl started swimming again

My child has hand eczema and I was very worried as it can get very bad despite frequent moisturizing. Thank you for your recommendation of using the lotion because it really helps with her condition. We were able to see a difference in less than a week of usage. My girl started swimming again after a few years gap. Many thanks to you, Bee for introducing it to me

Doris (a happy mummy)

Thanks for this website

Thanks for creating this website for people who are facing dry and sensitive skin. It can happen to anyone, especially with aging


Quite effective

Thank you for your followup and further information. I have started using [your products] on my son who has atopic eczema and find it quite effective. Will continue with the use and observe further


Very prompt delivery of eczema gloves!

The bamboo gloves were exactly what I needed, thin enough for Singapore’s heat and even for me to touch my phone screen! I loved its softness and how it hugged your skin to have a better fit.

Ruth Lee

No more infection with emu oil

I been trying what u suggested with YNotNatural emu oil, and it since been quite well as I never experience any infection then.


I have purchased products many times from here. Delivery was really fast and the customer service is good too!


Really helping

The lotion is really helping in my hand allergy to latex gloves. Its less itchy than before… thanks and hope you keep selling it!


Prompt delivery

Hi, I received the item, thank you for your prompt delivery and reply. Also, thank you so much for the tips on how to use the lotion. Appreciate it.


Shielding lotion solved a lot of my skin anxieties

I’ve tried so many products before – anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, even an ointment which has all three, and they only saved my skin from soreness, and the cracks and chafes remain. Those makes me insecure whenever I meet people and I have to shake their hands and worry what they think.

Turns out there’s nothing wrong with my hygiene, and my skin is super sensitive as regards certain chemicals. The shielding lotion certainly solved a lot of my skin anxieties; it’s so effective in protecting my hands from certain chemicals. The GIAB from Bee is also the best price there is in the SG market. Highly, highly recommended!

Rich Maca

So convenient

Am very glad to find the Gloves in a Bottle lotion I have been looking for here now, via Skinshare SG – with many convenient delivery & payment options

Joanne Y

I’m amazed with Gloves in a Bottle

I tried a number of lotions, creams etc but nothing worked…..Firstly, I’m amazed at how the Gloves in a Bottle lotion absorbs into my skin and my skin are no longer dry! Slowly, the cracked areas healed in about 1 week.

SJ (read full review)

Doing well with emu oil

I have been trying what u suggested with the emu oil, and it since been going quite well as I never experience any infection then. Thank you very much.

Jessy (read full review)

Skin has improved tremendously after eczema diet consultation

Eczema has been affecting me my whole life. I’ve tried many ways to ‘heal’ and ‘recover’ myself from it, but failed every single time as I was so reliant on steroids ever since I was young.

A little more than a month ago, it was when I’ve decided that this was it. I really want to focus on my skin and overall health. Bee [from Skinshare] meticulously explained to me what eczema diet is all about and answered all the burning questions I have for her before I even ask. The customized report was really detailed. It has clear instructions on suggested meal plans and places to get the ingredients from. It also suggested a few supplements based on what my body needs. 

My skin has improved tremendously and I stopped falling sick so often. Thank you!


Skin has improved with your diet program

Hello bee, my skin has improved. Not as red and inflamed. I’m sure the diet and supplements has helped. I’m now back on your diet program as I had to break it after 2 weeks due to holidays. I’ll most likely need a follow up consult with you but maybe another 2-3 weeks time. I’m sticking to pork bone broth plus the vegetables u suggested I eat.


Thank you for the eczema diet guide

Its very useful, already I am eating the suggested food in the foodcourt. Let me try out and see how the diet works for me. When I need a more comprehensive guide I will reach out to you. Thanks so much.

Pam Wong

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