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Eczema Diet – Nutrition Therapist Consultation

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SGD1.00 Cashback

The Eczema Diet Program contains:

  • 1 x 45 minute face-to-face consultation session with a certified nutrition therapist [Update 26 March 2020 :  In view of Covid-19 situation, this session will be conducted via Mobile/desktop video meeting]
  • A customized eczema diet program with detailed report in softcopy
  • A follow-up call (15 minute) to explain about the report.

The personalized eczema-diet program report will include :

  1. Food substitute chart – What food to avoid and what food you can substitute with, eczema-friendly food for skin healing
  2. List of specific food to be included in your daily meal for a few weeks, sample menu plan
  3. Essential supplement suggested base on your condition.