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Welcome to Skinshare – A skincare and nutrition platform for eczema, founded by a nutrition therapist in Singapore.

We source hypoallergenic skincare worldwide to help the dermatitis/eczema community in Singapore. We also ship internationally.

In addition, we provide nutrition and eczema specific diet choices & consultation, by certified nutrition therapist.

After your consult with your skin specialist, we are here to provide further support and care to manage this condition so that you can lead a normal life. We aim to help manage eczema conditions from the root cause, managing the trigger and flare-ups.

How we started

I am the founder of Skinshare. I developed eczema in adulthood, starting with red itchy patches on my thighs. Over the months, it slowly spread to lower legs, hands and almost every part of my body (except the face, thankfully).

I was prescribed steroid creams, anti-histamines and moisturisers. I visited many doctors, and specialist but they could not pin-point the root cause or trigger. Once in a while, I would be prescribed oral steroids (prednisolone) when I had a bad flare-up. But too much medication made my skin even thinner and more sensitive.

But in 2012, I was relying too much on the topical medication and steroids, and realised that it was not helping to heal my skin or restore it to a decent state.

At that point, I was also lucky to meet a kind doctor who crafted out a plan to find the root cause. I simply couldn’t bear to take too much drugs, since they were interfering with my family planning. I needed to take the more natural path for long term healing.

Finding my triggers

After a few different blood test, skin prick test, skin patch test, I found my root cause; I have contact allergy to a common preservative (methylisothiazolinone) in liquid detergents/ wash, as well as a dust mite allergy!

That made it a lot easier since I could now consciously avoid something. But the battle is not over, since my skin health has been compromised by prolong medication. Over this period, I discovered that the food that we eat daily can aggravate or help with our healing – correct food choice can be our natural medicine.

I am now a nutrition therapist, started this blog to share my experiences with eczema and itching remedies; food, products, creams, moisturisers; I’ve tried a lot! Now that I have recovered, I would like to share and help other sufferers. I continue to read, research and discover steroid-free skincare products and solutions for eczema.

We find the most effective and natural products for eczema and make it more available for everyone to benefit.

But everybody’s eczema is different. We all have our own triggers, requiring unique remedies. So please share your experience too so that everyone can benefit. Always consult your doctor if unsure!

Here’s hoping you find relief from the itch,

Bee in Singapore,
Certified Nutrition Therapist

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    • Bee says:

      Dear Evelyn,
      Currently we do not sell Ezerra ointment. We only sell Ezerra plus which is very effective for flare-up, itchy eczema and Ezerra cream as a daily moisturizer for children.

  1. Pam says:

    Hi, I had eczema for long time on my body and limbs. Now it has spread to my face and eye lids. Have you dealt with eczema on face and eyes ?

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