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Frequently Asked Questions about Gloves in a Bottle (GIAB)

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Gloves In A Bottle has been clinically tested and proven to be hypoallergenic and every ingredient is on FDA’s most safe list so it is safe for anyone over 6 months old. Regarding use on infants (6 months and under), first consult with your doctor.

Please Note: For anyone who has allergic reaction concerns in using any skin care product for the first time, it is always best to test any product on a 1 inch square patch of skin inside the right elbow (that is where the skin is the thinnest) and waiting 24 hours before applying it more liberally.

Yes, GIAB can be applied on face, hands and body. You can read testimonials on some customers who have used it on their face and found improvement, as an undercoat below their makeup or even those with acne or dry skin.

No, Gloves In A Bottle contains NO parabens.

Gloves In A Bottle is 100% gluten, dairy, wheat, paraben and animal products and cruelty free. It is dermatology tested and prescribed, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic (will not clog the pores), added fragrance and colorant free and every ingredient is on USA’s FDA most safe list.

Here is a list of the actual ingredients http://www.glovesinabottle.com/list-of-ingredients.html

As cracked skin is symptomatic of other conditions, you should see a physician or dermatologist to determine the exact cause. As with any other lotion, it is not advisable to apply directly to a wound but rather, the wound needs to first be cleaned and first treated with prescribed medication. Then subsequently, once dry, GIAB can be applied over to protect the skin and eventually allow the skin to naturally heal, protecting it from external irritants.

A leading dermatologist in the Los Angeles area, Dr. Lisa Benest view on applying GIAB to wound on eczema :  

“Obviously people aren’t asking to use it on a gushing wound as a first aid treatment.  But in thinking with this, many patients may have dermatitis on their hands, or some cuts with scabs .  I have no problem recommending GIAB on areas of skin that have some wounds.  I wouldn’t necessarily use it directly over an infected wound.  But not a problem over open skin.” – Dr. Lisa Benest

When the application of medications prescribed by dermatologist are of the priority consideration, yes, you can apply the medication first, as directed by doctor (onto clean, dry skin), allow it to dry and only when it is dry, apply GIAB over the top. When done in this way GIAB will help keep the medication on the skin and help prevent it from being washed off, which should result in the medication being more effective.

Gloves In A Bottle is most effective when it bonds with the skin cells of the outer most layer of skin. In order to do this it must be applied onto clean, dry skin.

Alternatively, if the medication is not of priority, then GIAB can also be applied first(on non-broken wound). After it dries, in less than a minute under normal condition, other creams or lotions or gloves can be applied. Most customers tell us that they soon find that there is no need to use other lotions and creams after applying Gloves In A Bottle. We have also heard from a number of doctors that many of the medications that they usually prescribe for use on the skin are no longer required after their patients begin using Gloves In A Bottle.

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