Buds Organics Super Soothing Rescue Lotion (50ml)

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Treat and heal your baby’s sore, irritated eczema prone skin with our Super Soothing Rescue Lotion. Eczema-prone and poor skin immunity will benefit prebiotic boosted skin care.

  • Gluco-oligosaccharide is a prebiotic that selectively fuels the growth of the healthy bacteria on your baby’s skin while inhibiting the growth of detrimental bacteria.
  • ?Packed with a thoughtfully selected combination of ingredients like calming Shiso extract, soothing Aloe Vera, recovery boosting Spent Grain Wax, antioxidant rich Olive Leaf extract and hydrating Fructan, this is a rich yet gentle cream.
  • This lotion base consists of lush Jojoba, Sunflower, live and Inca Inchi oils.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS : Shiso Extract, Spent Grain Wax, Prebiotic

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