Hope’s Relief Premium Gel-Lotion (110g)

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Hope’s Relief Natural Gel-lotion instantly provides the outer skin with a cooling and calming sensation. Also penetrates deep to soothe and moisturise dry skin and calm itchy skin. Hope’s Relief Gel-lotion Contains Natural Aloe Vera Plus 6 Additional Natural Skin Moisturisers And Anti Itch Ingredients.

Highlights : 

  • Provides instant cooling relief
  • Calms & soothes itchy, irritated skins
  • Itch relief due to dry skin
  • Encourages natural skin healing
  • Clear, non staining formulation
  • Light, non-greasy moisturising
  • Ideal for babies and children to help soothe and calm their irritated and itchy skins.
  • Formulated by Hope’s Relief Naturopaths using traditional based herbal extracts proven to help dry and itchy skins. Refer to details of 7 Natural Ingredients below.

** Put in the fridge for a better cool effect and relief ** 


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 118 sold
Hope’s Relief Premium Gel-Lotion (110g)

In stock

 118 sold