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HOSPIGEL® is a cleansing gel in liquid form for face and body. It is suitable from newborn  to adults. Safe to be used in wound care, skin conditions and daily wash.

Made in Europe.

Singapore HSA Approved. Established in local hospital/clinics for 25 years.

Benefits of Hospigel

– Can be used any part of the body, including face and hair.
– To soothe and relieve general itching.
– For washing, bathing and showering to maintain personal hygiene.
– Assisting in the treatment of athlete’s foot, eczema, dermatitis, skin rash and scrapes.
– For washing of wounds, cuts, broken skin.

Ingredients : 

2-Br-2-Nitro Propano-1,3-diol, Sodium lauril ether sulphate, coconut diethanolamide, chamomile extract, alkylamide betaine, carmin blue, citric acid, sodium chloride, water, opal essence


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  • Used in hospital/clinics and home-care for these conditions :

    • Pediatric: Cleansing for new-borns, babies and children.
    • Dermatology, Urology : Daily wash.
    • Gynaecology: Vaginal wash, post-delivery soap cleanser
    • Diabetic : Bed-sores, skin ulcers and wound.
    • ICU: Routine cleanser prior to patient handling.
    • General : Patient wash, handwash

    Singapore HSA Approved

    Why choose Hospigel over other cleanser for eczema wound or blisters?

    Eczema inflammed skin which is broken or scratched and injured needs to be cleansed with antiseptic or appropriate wound wash. This is required in order to avoid infection which can further aggravate the rash.

    Hospigel is recommended by doctors and used in hospital for wound care, thus this product is trustworthy to be safe for our skin. If you have sensitive skin, Hospigel does not sting and is very mild even for broken wound. It is also paraben-free and fragrance-free, thus suitable for any skin type, especially sensitive skin. It is also suitable for babies from newborn.

    The added advantage of Hospigel wash over many other cleansers is that it gently cleanses skin without drying it, and can be used daily.

    Customer reviews : 

    This is gd .recomm by doctor but not available at phamacy lucky they sell – car****

    This product is so good! After bathe my eczema skin didnt leak water from the wounds and it is very gentle on my skin. A definite recommended product! – lej***

    Read more about Hospigel liquid wash here.


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