Book Review – The Clear Skin Cookbook by Dale Pinnock

Another good book which explains about our skin and the food that helps to improve different skin conditions.

The author Dale Pinnock is a renowned nutritionist, medical herbalist, chef and health expert in UK. He reveals how different compounds in our food can maintain and improve skin. This book also further details how common skin conditions can be improved by recommending top foods, foods to avoid and other remedies. Finally it lists simple recipes for breakfast, soups, main dishes, desserts and drinks, all using less than 10 ingredients!

Key takeaway for eczema

Top eczema fighting food :

  • Salmon – rich in omega-3 to fight inflammation
  • Brown rice – full of vitamin B to support healthy skin health
  • Sweet potatoes – full of antioxidant to counteract inflammation
  • Flax seed & pumpkin seed – Essential fatty acid  to reduce flareups

The best cooking method to retain the vitamins in food

We can cook and eat as much fresh food but if we cook it wrongly, all the good vitamins sadly will be destroyed. So in order not to waste our effort, this book reminds us to use the correct cooking method to preserve the vitamins. Steaming and sauteing are the best cooking method to retain most of the water-soluble vitamins in the food.

Where can this book be found in Singapore?

You can borrow it from the library or purchase it from the bigger book stores. Alternatively, Amazon sells it as well. If you need more review and online sites where you can purchase this book from, you can find out more  here.


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