Common Chinese Dish Herbs – Powerful Antibiotic

We should include these common herbs in our daily Chinese dishes : Ginger, Parsley, Basil. They are plant-based food that heal and are quite potent as natural medicine.


These 3 herbs are alkaline food that are suitable for people with skin inflammation and most health problem in general. Even if you are in good health, these are powerful antioxidants which are essential to prevent diseases.

Basil is rich in the antioxidant beta-carotene. Beta-carotene makes vitamin A which is maintains the health of our eyes, skin, and immune system.

Ginger has warming properties which makes it particularly good for treating colds, stomach cramps, and menstrual discomfort.

Parsley is high in vitamins and minerals. Parsley is useful as a herbal diuretic which helps the body detox and cleanse. You can also eat or drink parley as a tea to relieve stomach cramps.

Tips to include them in our meal

These herb can be easily found in our local supermarket or market.

Steaming a fish is one of the easiest dish to incorporate ginger and parsley. Cut the ginger into shreds and place on the fish when steaming. However, for the parsley, it should be added as a garnish at the last 1 min. in order for the vitamins to be preserved.

If you stir-fry vegetable, minced pork or chicken, you can throw in a few leaves of basil at towards the end, once it wilts, you can switch off the flame. It adds a subtle hint of flavour while retaining the taste of the meat or vegetable. If you like Thai food, you can use fish sauce and more basil leave to create a Thai Basil minced beef/chicken dish.

Have a green finger and want to grow your own?

Base on Healthy Holistic Living, these plants can be easily grown in your own kitchen. Growing your own will ensure it is ‘organic’ and ‘fresh’,  giving you an even more nutrient boost.

Share this tip with your family and friends and enjoy simple and nutritious food for better health and skin.


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