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Public Talk – Skin Nutrition Health at National Library

This talk is FREE and open to ALL who are keen to find out more on essential nutrients for skin health. Come and learn more if you or your family members have sensitive skin, eczema or recurring rashes and itching. This public talk will be conducted by Bee Lian, our certified nutrition therapist on the […]

Comfortable Bamboo Eczema Gloves

If your hand is covered with dermatitis or eczema, you may need relief or physical glove protection when you are using your hands for dry work or at night. A comfortable glove at night would also help to prevent aggravating your skin from the itch-scratch cycle which tends to be more severe at night. The […]

Guidelines on Steroid Ointment Usage

Topical steroids ointment has been the commonly prescribed medication for eczema and dermatitis condition for many years. It has been proven to be effective in managing mild to chronic skin inflammation symptoms. However, in the recent years, there has been many articles, users’ testimonials, news about the usage, misuse and some misconception about this medication. […]

Where to find Allergy Experts in Singapore

In the latest issue of the scientific journal Allergy, a study reported that a large majority adults in Singapore – approximately 80 per cent of them showed allergic reactions to house dust mites and other allergens. With such a high number of allergic rhinitis and atopic dermatitis, there is a need to help the public […]

Expert advice on Coping with Allergies by SGH Doctors

Skinshare Singapore is proud to be part of a Public Forum organized by the Singapore General Hospital : SGH Allergy Centre. This is a Free Public Forum on how to cope with Adult Allergies, with talks given by doctors/dermatologists. Topics include : Stop the Itch! Coping with Atopic Eczema Drug Allergy Myths & Truths of Food Allergy Allergic […]

Milk Intolerance Remedy

Did you know that 75% of the adult population worldwide cannot digest milk well? In other words, the body becomes “lactose intolerant” when the lactase enzymes are eventually lost. According to NUH research, it has been estimated that 90% of Singaporean Chinese suffer from lactose intolerance. Are you one of them? Lactase is an enzyme that […]

Difference between Ezerra Cream and Ezerra Plus Cream

You have probably heard about Ezerra cream from your dermatologist/pediatrician or came across this cream in selected pharmacies or maybe referred by a friend who has used this cream for her baby. But did you know that   has formulated a new addition – Ezerra Plus cream in the recent years to relief extremely itchy, scratched […]