Sengkang mummy improves toddler’s face eczema in just 3 days

Combination of eczema wash, antibacterial gel, emu oil and eczema cream helps improve baby eczema, quickly.

Siti is a mother of an 18-month old girl in Sengkang, Singapore. At this age, every day is filled with joy and wonder, as she begins to play, scribble, and communicate with words.

But, it also became a stressful time for Mummy, as her little girl began to develop baby eczema on her face, chin, as well as her arm folds.

Concerned, Siti consulted a doctor, who prescribed two types of topical steroid creams. However, Siti was worried about using steroid creams, as she did not want her daughter to become dependent on them; a problem known as topical steroid addiction.

“The clinic gave me two separate eczema creams for my baby’s face and body, but both contain steroids and I don’t dare to use it on her.”

As she became more anxious seeing her daughter uncomfortably itchy and constantly scratching, she contacted for advice.

Above: 18-month old baby eczema on chin
Above: 18-month old baby eczema on chin

Seeking improvement, but not getting any results

According to Siti, instead of using the steroid creams, she tried to improve her baby’s eczema through skin ointments, baby wash and skin creams purchased from the pharmacy.

But, without proper guidance on the right products to use, her baby’s condition remained unchanged.

What she needed was advice on the right products to use.

Over a WhatsApp conversation, we began to narrow down a solution:

“I would like to know which is the best baby eczema cream for my child’s eczema flare up on her face, chin and elbow folds. Currently, she is using ointment, baby wash and cream from the pharmacy but doesn’t seem to work.”

Above: Baby eczema on inside of elbow, at the arm fold
Above: Baby eczema on inside of elbow, at the arm fold
Above: Another view of baby’s eczema on inside elbow
Above: Another view of baby’s eczema on inside elbow

Recommended baby eczema solution

Based on our discussion with Siti, we recommended her to take the following steps:

Step 1: Wash and clean open wounds and cracked skin

Her daughter’s chin was cracked and wounded. For wounded or scratched eczema, conventional creams may aggravate the condition.

Since it is near the mouth area, she needed to use a product that is gentle and safe for a baby’s face. Therefore, we suggested that she first wash the area with QV Flareup Wash, a mild wash with antibacterial and antiseptic properties. 

Step 2: Protect wounded skin from further infection

Next, we suggested she apply an antibacterial gel such as Argasol Silver Gel on open wounds. Antibacterial gels should be applied after cleansing and before moisturising. This prevents any further infection from occurring, and allows the skin to heal on its own.

Argasol Silver Gel is also antifungal and antiviral, and contains a food-grade gelling agent which makes it non-toxic and safe for children.

After cleansing with QV Flareup wash, she can immediately apply Argasol Silver gel. Let it absorb for a few minutes, then move to step 3. 

Step 3: Moisturise dry skin

Inflamed and peeling skin reduces its ability to retain moisture, so she needed to apply external moisturiser to reduce dryness.

The creams that she had been using from retail stores were not enough to moisturise her skin, so we suggested that she apply a moisturiser that contains emu oil to her baby’s chin, after cleansing.

We also suggested she apply Ezerra Plus cream over the arm fold area which was dry and inflamed. Ezerra Plus is a baby-safe eczema cream recommended by doctors. It is suitable for scratched skin and helps to relieve the itch. The less itchy, the less scratching, and the less prone to infection. This breaks the itch-scratch cycle.

Note: All products above are suitable for babies above 6 months old. In addition, Ezerra Plus can be used even for infants below 6 months old.

Results after 3 days

After just three days of following the steps above, Siti informed us that her daughter’s eczema was beginning to clear up.

“Her skin, especially over the chin has improved tremendously! Less red and the wound is closing up slowly. Her arm folds are also becoming less red. Thank you for helping me!”

Before: Baby eczema on chin
Before: Baby eczema on chin
After 3 days: Baby's eczema wound has closed up; less redness
After 3 days: Baby’s eczema wound has closed up; less redness
Before: Baby eczema on inner arm
Before: Baby eczema on inner arm
After: Less cracking, less redness, and reduced itchiness
After: Less cracking, less redness, and reduced itchiness

We are so glad to have helped Siti in Singapore manage and heal her baby’s eczema. Now her baby will sleep better at night, and so will Mummy!

Products that were recommended for her baby eczema:

QV Flareup Wash

Argasol Silver Gel 

Y-Not Natural Pure Australian Emu Oil

Ezerra Plus Cream

Need advice on the best baby eczema products to use? Visit and start a live chat (click on the chat button at the bottom right)

Some common questions we received from concerned Mummies after reading this article:

Are baby eczema creams safe?

All our creams are generally safe for babies above 6 months old. Ezerra Plus, in particular, is even suitable for infants below 6 months.

Do your baby eczema creams contain ceramides?

Yes, Ezerra Plus contains ceramides. This helps to form a protective layer on the skin, relieving inflammation, dryness and itching, and allowing skin to heal.

Do your baby eczema creams contains oatmeal?

All the products recommended above do not contain oatmeal

What’s the difference between baby lotion and baby cream?

Baby creams are thicker and have less water content while baby lotions are lighter and have more water content. You can use creams for very dry skin, but they may leave a greasier feel on the skin. On the other hand, lotions absorb faster into the skin, but may need re-application more regularly.

Are baby eczema creams ok for use on the face?

Ezerra Plus can be used on the face, but you should avoid applying anything around the eye area.

Can adults use it too?

Of course! All the products recommended above are suitable for baby eczema as well as adult eczema.

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