Earn cashback while online shopping with ShopBack

Now with my eczema diet, I have been eating in and cooking at home a lot more. I realize that my supermarket trips are more frequent and groceries are getting heavier! And of course I try to find ways to save more and found a online shopping site : Shopback.sg.

They work with many online shops and retail shops that offer online product purchases. Sounds good right? Added cash discount while getting your stuff delivered right to your doorstep. Most of the sites offer free delivery above a certain amount and even if they don’t, at least the cashback that Shopback offers gives you some savings. Here are some of the sites that may be relevant for us to get our daily necessities : GuardianHonestbee.

Online Shopping : How to use Shopback?

I referred to this step by step video on how to start shopping via Shopback.

Firstly, you need to sign up into their site using your email or Facebook account. It is quite simple, hassle free. Then once you have logged into their website. You can select from the multiple online affiliate stores that they tie up with and there are many!


Different stores have different cashback percentage. You have to click the online store you are interested in via the Shopback website, and continue adding what you want to buy in the shopping cart and check out what you want to purchase. The last payment page will be directed back via Shopback so that they can capture the amount you spent.

Once your purchase is complete, typically after 2 days, you will see your cash earnings in your account. For example, my purchase from Honestbee purchases totalled to $120. Since I’m an existing customer, I get 2% of $120 cashback (ie. $2.40).

You can then opt to wait and consolidate your cashback amount, then transfer to your bank account at any time.

More discounts/coupons : 

– ShopBack also runs promotion such as tie up with Visa for an even higher cashback percentage.

– In addition to the standard cashback concept, they also offer additional coupons for some of the affiliate sites, click here to get coupons.

– They highlight in the affiliate sites on the promotions for some of the products that are currently available and this includes promotions and deals from Guardian and Honestbee.

Additional Tips : 

– The cashback is not applicable when using the Affiliate website’s Android/iPhone app.

– Don’t change or go to another site within the same shopping session. You need to ensure that ShopBack is the first and last page that you see to ensure they capture your purchase correctly.

– They have many good videos explaining how ShopBack works.


So now I can sit back, relax and wait for my groceries to be delivered. I don’t only save on parking but I get extra savings too! Enjoy your online shopping!

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