Easy & fun way to teach kids about vitamins

One morning, I was revising my nutrition course on vitamins and minerals – their effectiveness, deficiency symptoms and food sources. My 6-year old was at home during school holiday and came peering into my laptop screen. Our conversation started :

Boy : Mama, I know what Vitamin A is good for – it improves night vision.

Me : Good! That’s right, it also good for healthy skin. 

Boy : Vitamin C also builds collagen and helps us fight the bad infection – like Superman! Vitamin B is Batman. 

Me (looking amused) : Hahaha, that’s a very interesting way to put it, who taught you that? 

Boy : I saw it on Ted Ed show. The video is very fun, it teaches me about the different vitamins and what they are good for… I want to eat more food with these vitamins so that I can be strong like them!

So apparently my hubby found this range of videos by Ted Ed that are like in a comic format and illustrates different concepts that is easy to understand for kids. I asked my son to show me and was pretty impressed myself- in fact, after watching them, I found it easier to remember. Useful since there are more than 20 vitamins & minerals to study.

You can find more similar videos by searching “TEDEducation”. Enjoy!!




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