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Bone broth : Essential for skin repair

Beef or chicken bone broth, home-made especially – is packed with powerful nutrients for skin health. Most of us know how vegetables and fruits can help in general health and skin but not many people are aware of the benefits of bone broth. Bone broth or stock was a way our ancestors found use for […]

3 Easy & Healthy Recipes for Party

  Want to prepare something at home and bring for a potluck party? Organizing a small gathering at home for Christmas? At the same time, want to ensure that it’s healthy and good for the skin (eczema diet), but yet looks presentable? Look no further, we have selected the top 3 recipes that are good […]

Essential Skincare Packing Tips for Travellers

Going for a holiday or business trip soon? It is important to ensure you are equipped so that the trip will be enjoyable and comfortable. Sometimes, a little planning ahead can also prevent possible flare-ups since you will be in another place, away from the comfort of home. Preparation Guide When you book your hotel, […]

Tips to care for dry skin

Dry skin is a very common skin condition among those who suffer from eczema. However, did you know that dry skin affects up to 50 per cent of elderly people? The skin undergoes many changes with age. The epidermis, or the uppermost layer of the skin, becomes thinner, and its protective lipid (oil) barrier also becomes damaged. […]

Great savings on health supplements

Online shopping is very common with so many internet savvy consumers embracing the convenience of shopping at home, while waiting for the bus and practically anywhere anytime. With so many options available, how do you know and decide which are the reputable online shopping sites? In this article, we introduce 2 popular online shops that […]

3-day Alkaline Eczema Diet – The Asian version

An alkaline eczema diet is basically a simple food choice adjustment that you make to eliminate or minimize food that can trigger itchiness or inflammation. Most people who adopt this diet notice a great improvement in the itch level within weeks. Karen’s Eczema Diet book , written by an Australian nutritionist outlines a 3 day detox […]

Preparing for 3-day alkalizing cleanse

Let’s do 10 weeks checkpoint on my eczema diet. I have been diligently avoiding the 12 itch causing groups of food for the first 4 weeks into the diet. Once I started noticing continuous improvement and did not felt itchy most of the day, I started re-introducing some food. I notice that my rashes get extra […]

Natural healing ointment – papaw

One month into my eczema diet, my rashes stopped spreading and I was feeling less itchy. However, my existing rashes were healing very slowly and would get aggravated when it’s hot or dry or when my itchy fingers meddle with them. I decided to apply this natural fermented papaya ointment from Australia called Lucas Papaw […]