Google Shows What Singaporeans Search For When It Comes To Skincare

Google is the first place many of us turn to for skincare questions. From home remedies to drug details to care instructions,  it all starts at the search box.

It’s so smart, it even predicts what your question will be even before you finish typing, based on the most common searches.

We tried out various combinations of skincare-related searches, and the results show just what people in Singapore really want.


SEARCH 1: How to avoid eczema triggers

Avoiding pimples came out on tops, but so did the need to avoid huge ships. Many boat captains in Singapore, it seems.


SEARCH 2: Best doctor for skin conditions

Sorry, eczema loses to breast implants. Priorities!


SEARCH 3: Where to find antihistamine cream

A thunder nymph is supposed to be a rare item in some online game, apparently. And right after we find it, we head straight for kale and prostitutes.


SEARCH 4: How often should I apply moisturiser?

I’ve heard that the golden rule is to wait three days before sending that first text to a girl you like.


SEARCH 5: Which pharmacy sells elomet cream?



SEARCH 6: Bite or eczema?

Tackle pokemon?


SEARCH 7: When i sweat I break out in a rash

No surprises here, except for the last one. Maybe he just got back from Amsterdam.


SEARCH 8: Trying to avoid seafood

Lots of people searching for philosophical answers to #3 “avoid the inevitable”.


Did you get weird Google results? Let me know in the comments.

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