I had no idea that my skin self-destructs everyday: MinuteEarth explains

A nice and simple explanation of our skin by MinuteEarth.

While our skin is not as tough as elephant hide or pangolin scales, the video explains that it’s pretty much made up of the same stuff, keratin. And that 500 new skin cells are formed every second, pushing out from the underlying epidermis.

Upon reaching the surface, the skin cell essentially self-destructs to turn itself into a protective layer against invaders; a layer that’s just as thick as a piece of cling wrap!

Of course, all this is part of the function of healthy skin. But for eczema sufferers like us, we need some help to keep invaders and other allergens out. So that means moisturisers, non-soap cleansers, a good skin ritual, and shielding lotion.

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