Natural mosquito repellant – Citronella

With Zika virus outbreak, we are all more diligent in ensuring we are armed with mosquito repellent whenever we go out. For us with sensitive skin, we need to be cautious with the ingredients that are used in the mosquito repellent ointment or spray that are available in the market.

Citronella oil is a natural insect repellent. Thus, I only use mosquito repellent spray or ointments that contain natural essential oil, specifically containing citronella oil for myself and my family. Whenever I go to Thailand for holiday, I will stock up on the citronella spray from spa stores or farms that sells essential oil products. In Singapore, you can find these natural type of insect repellents typically from any organic store, health or spa shops that sell essential oil products. I bought bottle of  Mosquito repellent spray from Lemonhouse grass before and it works quite well. The price is reasonable too ($11.60 for 60ml) because it will last for a long while.

For my baby, I use to buy mosquito patches because I try not to apply any ointment if possible directly on his skin. Mosquito patches typically are more expensive if use daily. So now since he’s close to 1 year old, I will apply the ointment to the thicker skin of this body example his foot and elbow. Another good method if you want to avoid direct application is to spray/rub on the clothings instead. That’s what I do when my skin is in flareup mode.

One note about citronella oil, don’t apply the undiluted or concentrated essential oil that typically comes in a small 15ml glass bottle to the skin. These are to be diluted with a carrier oil for aromatherapy purposes.


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