Our body’s pH level

This topic reminds me back to my school days during Chemistry class. Some points that I can remember of pH levels – “7 means neutral, anything lower means acidic, anything higher means alkaline”. Not bad huh? But how is this related to our body’s pH level? And how does this imbalance affects the skin?

Base on the definition from the medical dictionary, “The pH is used as a measure of whether the body is mantaining a normal acid-alkaline balance. A favourable pH is essential to the functioning of enzymes and other biochemical systems. The body fluids are normally somewhat alkaline, pH between 7.35-7.45″.

In my eczema diet, I need to ensure I eat sufficient alkaline food so that my body’s acid-alkaline level is balanced. In our daily diet, 80% of our food that we consume are acidic in nature, thus the need to consciously ensure that I include alkaline food in my diet. If our body becomes too acidic, it can cause inflammation and this is one of the key symptom that I need to reduce so that my skin rash is not itchy or painful.

How do we test our body’s pH level? 

We can test it via saliva test or urine test by using pH strips. Ideally, we can test the first pee in the morning and mid day for about a week to see if we need to tweak the diet further or mantain.

What is the ideal pH level? 

Most of the health website indicates that our urine is slightly acidic in the morning because it has been working hard overnight to eliminate toxin. A range of 6.5-7.0 is normal. As the day goes by, the body becomes more alkaline ranging from 7.0-8.0. Do note that this is the normal urine pH level, the skin’s pH level is different. The skin is quite acidic (4-6.5) to provide the acidic environment as a protective layer to the environment to prevent microbial growth.


The number above seems a little too scientific and we do not need to be over concern about mantaining the exact pH level. The body has an amazing to mantain a steady pH in our organs and fluids. However, we can help and be kind to our body to not overtax it by loading our diet with too much processed food, caffeine, alcohol, meat and soft drinks. For some of us who have skin issues, any prevention of inflammation would be beneficial.

When I feel that I have eaten a bit more meat, or wheat, I will try to counter balance by drinking a cup of lime/lemon water with a tinge of salt or cider drink. Easy and effective!


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