Primapore Low Allergy Dressing Strip

I was trying to find a way to protect eczema spots which are raw and oozy. I read that after applying steroid cream, it would be more effective to keep it closed up for a short period of time and also to protect it from chaffing/scratching.

I tried many different brands of plaster and wounds dressing strips. Some of it irritated my skin, some were too sticky and hard to peel off, and some left glue bits on my skin when peeled off. So far, this dressing strip works the best. And also, it comes in a long strip and you can cut to the length you want.


I normally put it on when I go to work so that the raw spots are not chaffed by my clothes or exposed to dust/bacteria. However, in order to air it, I would remove it when I come back home. But one thing is I find it quite pricey. For a 6CM X 1M length, the price is about SGD 5.25. The longest I can find so far is 1M length. If anyone knows of a longer or another brand which works as well, do share!!

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