Correct Skincare Choices to heal Hand Contact Dermatitis

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Email review from a reader who tried the correct samples from Skinshare.SG : 

I’ve been having dry, cracked hands and sometimes small tiny blisters appear on my fingers, my palms for months. I’m a housewife with 2 young kids who does housework 24/7. I can’t avoid soaps/detergents.
Prior to this, I was never sensitive to anything. Went to see a skin doctor and was told I had contact dermatitis. Was on medication for awhile. It worked for awhile and then the dry and cracked hands came back.
I changed my soaps and detergents, wore gloves when doing housework but it still didn’t work. It can be so painful sometimes. 🙁
So difficult for me to handle my kids and household chores. I tried a number of lotions, creams etc but nothing worked. Finally, I stumbled upon Gloves in a Bottle lotion on IG! And tried to google where i can get it. It brought me to you!
Firstly, I’m amazed at how the lotion absorbs into my skin and my skin are no longer dry! Slowly, the cracked areas healed in about 1 week. I also applied the Argasol gel on the cracked parts. Just the occasional tiny blisters when I forgot to put the Gloves in a Bottle lotion on!
I will definitely get the bigger tube when I’m back in Singapore. Hopefully the sample lasts me till then! 🙂  – SJ
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