How to treat bacterial infection for eczema wound

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Most eczema sufferers are advised to follow that the correct skincare regime and thus, trying many different products. Sometimes, finding the right natural product and skincare regime helps. Here is how one of our reader found her relief after many years:

July 2017

Background : A reader consulted us on the correct skincare to use – She has been an eczema sufferer for many years, seen many doctors but doesn’t help to cure the condition most of the time. It keeps recurring and getting infected. Question : 
I seems to have bacterial infection quite often as I want to try to avoid applying steroids. What can I do for bacterial infection in a natural way? Doctors have always given me antibiotic and I heard antibiotic would lead to more harm if taken too often as it kills all good and bad bacteria. What should I do? Hope u could help.
Bee’s answer : 
Cleans and treat your wound/broken skin :
1. When you have a wound or skin infection, you will need to use a mild, hypoallergenic antiseptic wash. Since you will be using it regularly and on a long term, there are some antiseptic wash that I can suggest to you but you will need to try different methods to find one that works for you : Hospigel wash, tea tree oil diluted wash, purple permanganate wash, QV flareup foam or bath oil.
2. Pat dry and apply antiseptic cream to prevent further infection. If you are concerned about overapplying antiseptic ointment, you can try natural antiseptic like good brand of emu oil-YNotNatural which will not sting the wound and naturally anti-inflammatory and protects it as well.
Food that can improve your immunity :
1.  You have to eat probiotic supplements to improve your gut and skin immunity.
2.  Eat plant based food, avoid processed food to protect your gut and serves as pre-biotic to retain good bacteria.
Avoid food to prevent further inflammation :
1. Cow’s milk and sugar are food that will aggravate infection and oozing. Avoid these, including processed version.
2. Avoid processed food and MSG.
Question : 
I used to wash with Hospigel regularly, but I still have infections despite it. I was thinking if is because the bacteria is already immune that it doesn’t work anymore. But I haven’t try with others that u mention though, I am interested to try YNotNatural emu oil. I used to apply turmeric paste onto open wound, but yet it still seem to fail .
Regarding the food to avoid, I heard that going gluten free would help to ease the gut. But how about gluten free bread and others? Are those consider process food as well?
Bee’s answer : 
You are correct to say that washing with antiseptic wash often may cause the bacteria to be “immune”. Another product you may try is Argasol, which you can read more about it here : 
As for eczema diet, you could read articles in my blog. You can also try-out our self-help kit eczema diet guide, which comes with a list of eczema-friendly food and the recommended skincare product.

November 2017

Relief finally! After a few months of consistently applying the YNotNatural emu oil and trying to follow the guideline of food that was provided, her skin is in a better state – less oozing and broken skin.
YNotNatural emu oil review : I been trying what u suggested with the emu oil, and it since been quite well as I never experience any infection then. Thank you very much.

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