Smart bed knows if sleep is disturbed due to scratching

The Agency for Science Technology and Research (A*Star) Singapore has come up with a technology that helps researches analyze the quality of sleep. Eczema sufferers have long known that if their skin is calm, they wake up more refreshed, and if not, they wake up groggy and irritated. The reason is of course due to scratching.

But how do you know if you’re scratching yourself without even knowing it? And is it affecting your sleep? This bed will tell you.

According to the website:

“This invention involves using electrodes laid out on a mattress to detect motions of a per-son during sleep. Using the software that is developed, one can analyse these patterns of motion to gauge sleep quality. This device is useful especially for monitoring people suffering from eczema as these patients have intense pruritic lesions on the skin which they unconsciously scratch while asleep.”

I for one would not need this technology as my husband would immediately know the next morning if I had good sleep or not 🙂

(Exploit Technologies)


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