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My Go-To Resources for Topical Steroid Withdrawal in Singapore

Topical steroid withdrawal resources Singapore

Just a quick post to list down the places where I frequent to discuss topical steroid addiction and withdrawal (TSA & TSW) in Singapore. Juliana’s Topical Steroid Withdrawal Journey Juliana was one of the first people I corresponded with to get advice when I was going through my own withdrawal symptoms. She has documented (and […]

Could Your Skin Be Addicted to Steroids? This Video Describes Exactly What I’m Going Through Right Now.

Topical Steroid Induced Eczema

I have been asking myself recently: Why do some of my rashes keep coming back worse than before, even after I apply topical steroids? Why does my skin feel hot all the time? Why is it different from the eczema I had years ago? Then I came across a term called “Steroid Addiction”, and a […]