Ustekinumab: Psoriasis treatment now in Singapore; patients unlikely to pronounce it

Singapore is the first country in Asia to approve a new form of treatment for eczema known as Ustekinumab. This treatment is delivered in the form of a jab, and targets the immune system, unlike typical steroid medication.

From ChannelNewsAsia:

According to the National Skin Centre, the condition affects over 2,000 people here every year.

Currently, patients with such conditions are typically given medication in the form of a cream which helps reduce the itchiness.

This new drug, called Ustekinumab, is administered in the form of a jab and is said to be more effective in controlling the symptoms.

Speaking on the safety of the drug, president of the Psoriasis Association of Singapore, Dr Colin Theng, said: “One of the problems that we anticipate will be the risk of immuno suppression because this does target the immune system.

“But looking at the data from the clinical trials, there were no serious major infections compared to the people who were on the placebo. So the safety data from the clinical trials at least up to a year has shown that it is safe.”

The drug has been approved by the Health Sciences Authority.

Singapore is the first country to approve this treatment outside of the United States, Canada and Europe.

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