What do LeAnn Rimes and Jacelyn Tay have in common?

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One is a grammy award winning singer, and the other has won numerous Star Awards. And both have to deal with eczema in their lives.


According to Jacelyn Tay’s quote in an article in the Business Times:

“I’ve got eczema, rosacea and a very sensitive scalp, on which so far I can only use two kinds of shampoos,’ says Ms Tay. ‘And I was always on the lookout for something to solve these problems. I would buy moisturisers and mix in my own essential oils, or experiment with different natural ingredients such as egg white and honey.”

As for LeAnn Rimes, the Daily Mail reports:

“Not only did I have ugly red patches on my arms and legs, the itching drove me crazy. I sat out of activities everyone else was participating in, either to avoid situations in which my eczema might show, or to avoid triggers that could cause a flare-up.

The same article also outlines LeAnn Rimes’ skincare regimen:

“I found relief finally in Elidel, a steroid-free medication: it’s a miracle for me and I use it night and day.”

“I also started moisturising my skin frequently, at least three times a day, with a cream or ointment, rather than a lotion, because lotions can be drying to my skin.”My doctor also recommends I apply moisturiser within three minutes after bathing, while my skin is still slightly damp, to help lock in the moisture and keep my skin hydrated.

“Much as I love a hot shower, I bathe with lukewarm water instead of hot, and pat my skin dry with a soft towel – never rub – to avoid irritating my skin.

“I try to wear clothing made from cotton or other soft fabrics and avoid rough, irritating materials like wool and linen. I usually wash my clothes with a mild detergent before using them for the first time.

“I keep my fingernails short, especially during a flare-up, so I don’t break the skin when scratching. Since getting my eczema under control, this has got easier.

“I also make sure I drink plenty of water to keep my body and skin healthy and well hydrated. And I use a humidifier in my house in dry or cold weather.”

Nice to know that her skincare routine has brought her eczema under control. Many of the points she mentioned are also covered in my own list of daily steps.

UPDATE:  I googled Elidel and found it at www.elidel.com. If you’ve used it, let me know in the comments!)

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