Hospigel gentle skin wash was recommended by my skin specialist when my eczema flare up was quite septic. It contains antiseptic and non-irritating and is used in hospitals for wound cleaning as well. Luckily it’s not drying even though it foams a little.

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I use this when I have raw/broken skin during flare ups.

Direction of use :

Hospigel – for washing & bathing of face and body. Method of application: Apply to flannel sponge or directly into the skin and lather with a small amount of water. For washing: 2 – 3ml per wash; for bathing: 3 – 10ml per wash. pH = 5.

Due to popular request by many of our readers, and recommended by most doctors to patients, Hospigel is NOW AVAILABLE in our online shop.

Doctor recommended, hospital grade cleanser for dermatitis/eczema

Now available at Skinshare Singapore! Price includes free delivery (Singpost normal mail), delivered to the comfort of your home

Hypoallergenic, mild eczema wound skincare

TIPS : AVOID applying moisturizer directly on oozing & wounded eczema skin!

Treat the infected skin with the correct skincare first – here are some of our recommended, hypoallergenic eczema wound care-

  • Suitable for babies & adult, face & body
  • Hypoallergenic, mild and gentle to skin
  • Antibacterial, antiseptic
  • Non-drying



4 thoughts on “Hospigel

  1. N.A says:

    I have been having itchness at my private area(outer skin surrounding the V. It happens normally when my pubic hair starts to grow. Tried all kinds of powder, vaseline but its only works for awhile. Will using Hospigel works?

  2. Bee says:

    Hopigel is no longer available at Guardian/Watson, only available at some Unity Pharmacy. You can also purchase it directly here at our online store, and we have several delivery option for your convenience.

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