Octenisan Wash Lotion 150ml/500ml

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Octenisan wash lotion is

  • for body, hair washing and/or hand washing
  • moisturizing & skin conditioning formulation
  • free of artificial colours and perfume
  • skin-neutral pH value
  • suitable as a daily preventive bath against enveloped viruses (e.g. coronaviruses) & bacteria(eg. MDRO bacteria)
  • suitable for all skin types, even skin that is sensitive to soap or susceptible to allergies

Usage : 

  • Eczema-flareup skin, infected wound or scratched skin
  • Dry, irritated or itchy skin.
  • Gentle anti-microbial wash for dermatological conditions.
  • Tolerated during topical steroids withdrawal or red skin syndrome
 23 sold
Octenisan Wash Lotion 150ml/500ml
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