Professional Mattress Cleaning to Get Rid of Dust Mites

Did you know that dust mites can be found the most in our mattress that we sleep on every night? If you are allergic to dust mites, the most effective way to reduce your exposure to dust mites is to get a professional to clean your mattress and then to buy a high quality mattress encasement protector to minimize dust mites population. Most of our conventional vaccum cleaners are not able to suck out all the dust mites from the thick mattress.

Infographic : learn more about dust mites. 

Review of Mattress Cleaning by De-Hygienique

I contacted one of the professional mattress cleaner-De-Hygienique which I used several years back to review their mattress and sofa cleaning.

One day before the cleaning day, they contacted me to remind me about the appointment, and 15 min. before arriving, they called to inform that they are arriving soon. Upon arrival, they explained the process that they will be applying, explaining that the dry soap and sanitizer that they use are organic product from Europe. Thus, it gives you a peace of mind that it’s safe if you have a baby, pregnant lady, elderly or sensitive skin person in the house. They use state-of-the art dry cleaning technologies from Europe that has proven to produce remarkable results.

Mattress Cleaning

Before starting, they explain that the machine that they use can clean dust up to 4 inch thickness through the mattress. They did the black cloth test to show me the amount of dust that the machine picks up in a few seconds. Since I’ve been using a mattress protector sheet, it is very much less, but else it would be much dustier :

Before - a clean sheet of black cloth
Before – a clean sheet of black cloth
After-The cloth placed at the back of the vaccum device for 5 sec
After-The cloth placed at the back of the vaccum device for 5 sec

They started the mattress vacuuming and for a single size mattress, it takes about 20 minutes to complete. Their mattress cleaning service includes 2 pillow cleaning as well.

At the end of the mattress vacuuming, they will spray the organic sanitizer on the mattress and pillow surfaces. These will kill bacteria and prevent dust mites from growing fast. However, if you feel uncomfortable about it, you may tell them not to spray it.


Here is a short video on the mattress vacuuming :

Sofa Cleaning

They are specialized in cleaning fabric sofa. Since my sofa is not covered like my mattress is, it collected dust, dirt and have water stains from the children. They did mention that some of the stains can be removed but some really stubborn stains will still stay.

I was very impressed by the many steps that they performed to thoroughly clean the sofa, firstly they will vacuum the sofa to get rid of dirt and dust, then they will apply dry shampoo (organic from Europe), then they wait for about 30 min to allow it to dry and finally spray sanitizer on the sofa cushions. However, they did highlight that the sofa will only fully dry after 2 hours, forming some small minute crystals which can be left in sofa or vacuumed off using normal vacuum cleaner.

First, they laid a canvas sheet below the sofa, protecting the floor area.


Then they will vacuum the sofa with their hepa filter vacuum cleaner. img_2304

After that, they will use another device to perform the ‘dry shampoo’ on the sofa cushions and the sofa frame.

After the completion of applying the shampoo on the cushions, he allowed it to dry for 30min and then sprayed the sanitizer. The sanitizer smelled like citrus, not surprising since it’s made from natural ingredients.

How to check for quotes/arrange for appointment

You can check their price here and call them to make an appointment. Look forward to a comfortable night sleep on a clean mattress.

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