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Buds Organics Soothing Range – Organic Eczema Skincare

Buds Organics is world's largest line of certified organic baby and mother care products. Their products are packed with wonderful natural and organic actives. Buds Organics uses the finest organic plant ingredients so that baby is not exposed to pesticides, herbicides and other potentially harmful chemicals unnecessarily. Only safe and mild preservatives that have met [...]

How to Save on Skin Health Supplements

We consume health supplement when we have a health condition that requires specific vitamin or mineral or when we are too busy to include a wholesome nutritious diet in our busy daily schedule. Recommended Health Supplement for Skin Health There are several reputable health supplement ecommerce platform in Singapore which are gaining popularity in recent […]

Nutritionally Complete Organic Oat Milk for Toddlers and Children

Discount : 15% OFF * for a limited period | Coupon code : “SS15OFF” Parents are now more aware of food sensitivity causing discomfort in their babies and children. Cow’s milk products are one of the most common allergen.  It is easy to identify obvious allergic reaction and symptoms – shortly after a child consumes milk : […]

Superfood & Antioxidant for the Skin

Quinoa (pronounced as “KEEN-wah”) is gaining popularity in recent years even though this grain has been in existence more than 3,000 years ago. So why is it becoming a limelight in health stores, food magazines & recipe websites? Why is it a Superfood? According to Medical News Today, quinoa has many health benefits. Quinoa provides […]

How to Choose the Correct Anti-Dust Mite Cover

House Dust Mites are one of the most common cause of eczema flareup, allergic asthma and sinus. You may not have done a blood test or skin prick test to confirm the reaction, but you can sense it when you start to itch more at night or sneeze non-stop early in the morning. If you little […]

Oat Beverage – Dr. Oatcare by Health Domain

Offer : 5% OFF | Coupon code : “SS5” | (valid till 31 Dec 2018) One of the eczema-friendly diet guideline is to avoid dairy totally when your rash is severe or when you have flare-ups or infected skin. Subsequently after 4-8 weeks when your skin has improved, depending on your inflammation, you can slowly reintroduce […]

Chemicals in Clothing May Cause Contact Dermatitis

Offer : 5% OFF regular priced items  | Discount code : “SS5” Soft & comfortable, breathable, natural & eco-friendly materials are what you would look for in a clothing when you have sensitive skin. Comfort is essential in order not to aggravate & rub the skin with movement. Breathable material will give a cooling feel to […]