What is a Shielding Lotion? How is it different from normal moisturiser?

A Shielding Lotion is a type of lotion that bonds with the outermost layer of dead skin cells, enhancing the skin’s ability to retain natural oils and moisture, and assisting in the skin’s ability to protect against external irritants and allergens.


How is it different from regular moisturiser?

Conventional lotions only attempt to replace your natural moisture with artificial moisture but they need to be constantly reapplied because every time you touch something or wash, they come off.

Shielding lotions are different because they actually bond with the outer layer of skin cells becoming part of the outer layer of skin itself. They come off naturally as you exfoliate your outer layer of skin.

The animation below explains the concept very well :

shielding lotion


Why is a shielding lotion better in the long term to treat dry skin?

Shielding lotions helps to retain your natural moisture allowing dry skin to heal from within.

Conventional moisturizing lotions send the wrong message to your skin – that there is enough moisture present, resulting in your skin making less, not more, natural moisture (the only thing that is going to actually resolve a dry skin problem).

Have you ever stopped using a conventional (artificial) moisturizer only to find that your skin got drier than it was before you started using it? Why is this so? It is because your skin becomes dependent on them.

How will you end up saving more with a shielding lotion?

We all spend a lot buying moisturizers in bulk when we have dry skin/eczema and need to moisturizer regularly.

Gloves In A Bottle restores the protective qualities to the outer layer of skin that modern living strips away – so that your skin stays properly moisturized and healthy. Eventually, your skin will be healed, outer layer becoming strong enough to retain the moisture and external irritants, resulting in less dependency on lotions.

gloves in a bottle

In addition, shielding lotion blocks out external irritants and when the deeper layers of skin are protected from a host of damaging, everyday substances including many cosmetics, detergents, anti-bacterial soaps, solvents, cleaners, gardening chemicals, dirt ad grease, latex glove powder, etc., it will result in less flare-up and irritation. Thus, the less dependencies on other medication and doctor visits! That definitely saves time and money.

Therefore, in this modern era, Gloves In A Bottle is truly the best solution :

“A shielding lotion protects your skin, allowing your own natural moisture to heal the skin. It’s the perfect natural skin care treatment”

Dr. Peter Helton (Dermatologist)


User Reviews :

So far I’ve only applied twice but I like it that it doesn’t dry out even after I’ve washed my hands. Before trying this lotion, my hands always dried and cracked immediately after washing hands. – Cherlyn
It absorbs fast and really moisturises. Love the creamy light scent. – CH
This is a good lotion that protects my hands because I use chemical and shampoo a lot in my daily work as a hair dresser – BW
I used these a couple of year back. And then after many other lotions later, I’ve decided these are still one of the best hand lotions! 🙂  – JEN

Read HERE  to find out how other users benefited from their skin conditions like contact dermatitis, eczema and sensitive skin if you need any reference that can help you make an informed decision.

Protect your sensitive skin from dust, chemicals and irritants
Gloves In a Bottle SingaporeNow available in Singapore! Gloves in a Bottle Shielding Lotion replenishes the protective layer of the skin and allows your skin to heal with its own oils and moisture.

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