Natural antihistamine – Quercetin

One of a very common eczema trigger or allergy is external environmental factors eg. dust mites (most common) or chemicals that exists in detergent, hand soap etc. If your skin comes in contact with these allergens, your body will react to produce histamines and that causes itching and rashes flareups.

Doctors would commonly prescribe antihistamine or there are over the counter antihistamines like Zrytec to manage the itchiness and spreading rash. However, did you know that some plant food actually contains natural antihistamine but in much smaller amount of course. Natural occurring antihistamine can be found from food sources like apple. However, in order for your body to be manage the histamine level, you have to eat many of apple at a time and that is not realistic of course. Therefore, we can include a supplement in our diet – called quercetin and slowly taper down the antihistamine medications.

What is Quercetin?

Quercetin occurs naturally in many brightly colored plant-based foods. This flavonoid compound has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and importantly it reduces blood histamine levels. Quercetin also plays an important part in fighting free radical damage, the effects of aging and inflammation.

The most common food that has high quercetin content are red apple, bell peppers and onions. You could consciously include apple in your diet ie. an apple a day. When you cook a dish/meal, chop in some onions for stir-fry. While you can get plenty of quercetin from eating a healthy diet, some people also take quercetin supplements for their strong anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine.

How to choose a good quercetin supplement?

It is important to choose reliable supplement brands. In most pharmacies here, it is not easy to find quercetin supplement. Most quercetin supplements are made in Australia or USA. Some reliable and good quality brands would be : HerbsofGold from Australia or Solgar from USA.

For those of you in Singapore, you may purchase this supplement online via a well-known website : iHerb. After reading the through several customer reviews, Solgar is rated as one of the more effective and economical choice. The ingredients are free from gluten, wheat, dairy, soy, yeast, sugar, sodium, artificial flavour, colour and preservatives.  It also has co-nutrient bromelain which when included together, boosts the effectiveness of quercetin. Another plus factor would be that it contains Vitamin C (500mg).

Supplement detail content

Review from Bee :

I use to take zrytec or chloropheniramine some nights so that I can sleep better & avoid scratching. Now to prevent the night itch, I take the quercetin supplement twice a day to ensure my histamine levels are not elevated. I plan to cut down to once a day and eventually only when required. In any case, because it is from natural source, I feel more at ease taking this supplement.


In order to manage your histamine levels more holistically, avoid food which can trigger histamines. You may also want to consider to adopt the alkaline eczema diet.

Read more about the alkaline eczema diet :

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  1. Hi Cherlyn,
    Thank you for sharing, good to know that there are alternative brand to get locally from SG. This current brand is also in capsule form.

  2. Hi JJ,

    Yes I am still consuming quercetin (solgar) but I’ve cut down the frequency because I don’t feel so itchy anymore. Now I’m consuming 1 tablet alternate days as maintenance. I believe my alkaline eczema diet, using gloves in a Bottle shielding lotions and better sleep all helped in reducing my itching. Prevention is definitely better to avoid flareups.

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