Comfortable Bamboo Eczema Gloves

If your hand is covered with dermatitis or eczema, you may need relief or physical glove protection when you are using your hands for dry work or at night. A comfortable glove at night would also help to prevent aggravating your skin from the itch-scratch cycle which tends to be more severe at night. The greatest challenge is to find a breathable and comfortable glove that protects your sensitive and wounded skin in Singapore’s humid weather. The best recommended material that we came across so far is made from bamboo.

Benefit of Bamboo :

Here are some benefits of using gloves made from bamboo material for sensitive skin :

  • Antibacterial/Antifungal -Bamboo fabric is composed of strong anti-microbial properties. It is believed to consist of 3 times more anti-bacterial qualities than cotton.
  • Ideal for sensitive skins – Bamboo fiber is smooth and round, its natural fiber properties make it non-irritating to the skin. Bamboo fiber is unbelievably soft and non abrasive.
  • Regulates your Skin Temperature – In hot temperatures, bamboo cools the body by three degrees. This is a very good property to ensure the skin does not get heated further by the heat that is trapped below the fabric.

Where to get hold of a suitable bamboo gloves for sensitive skin?

Eczema Gloves for Adults

After sourcing and getting good feedback from our customers during our trial launch, we have chosen the brand of bamboo gloves from a reputable Norway brand – recommended by the Norwegian Asthma & Allergy Association. These are super soft gloves, which are made from health-friendly and biodegradable bamboo and will prevent the user from scratching directly on eczema / wounds. It can also be used as a very comfortable gloves to protect hands from drying or external irritants while performing daily activities.

It is stretchable and they are very comfortable to wear. They are economical too, because they are reusable, can be washed with room temperature or up to 60 °C and will keep their good qualities wash after wash.

Thus, it is useful to prevent scratching, or as protection for contact dermatitis, psoriasis or other skin concerns. 

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Eczema Gloves for Kids (Bamboo) – Ages up to 10Y

The Eczema Company from USA sells a range of mittens & gloves made from bamboo – many sizes available children. Their best-selling bamboo gloves is indeed soft, comfortable and stretches gently to fit snugly.

T hese eczema gloves for kids and toddlers are super soft – made from biodegradable bamboo, they will prevent children from scratching their eczema or psoriasis. Works well for kids with eczema, psoriasis and allergic contact dermatitis.

It is reusable, machine washable or hand-washable. They have a range of sizes : 1-2 years, 3-4 years, 5-6 years, 7-8 years or 9-10 years age guideline with measurement chart. Shipping charges to Singapore from USA is approximately USD19 and do be prepared to wait for about 2-3 weeks for the gloves to arrive. Thus, it is advisable to order at least 2 pairs per order (another pair for spare).

Click Here-Kids Gloves

Customer Reviews : 

Their bamboo gloves have received at least 4-5 stars from most of their customers who provided reviews on their product pages. They have a good pictorial improvement of one of their customer who had used the gloves over emollient :


However, if you dislike the feeling of a physical barrier on your hands, we highly recommend at the minimum – to apply a “shielding lotion” which serves as an “invisible gloves”. Our bestselling “Gloves in a Bottle” shielding lotion protects and allows the skin to naturally retain oil while preventing flare-up from external irritants and allergens.  It works almost as effective as a bamboo gloves in terms of protection from external irritant, but a bamboo glove can provide a physical barrier of protection from further injury.


[20 April 2018 Update : Due to keen interest and demand of the Adults Bamboo Gloves, Skinshare SG shop will have ready stock or “M” & “L” sizes from end April onwards, click HERE to place your order] [1 April 2020 Update : We will have ready stock in Singapore for Kids Bamboo Gloves – sizes |3-4 years old| 5- 6 years old|7- 8 years old| from 6 April 2020 onwards.

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