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Explaining the benefits of Emu Oil to the Chinese-speaking community

Skinshare Singapore recently collaborated with The Epoch Times to explain the benefits of emu oil. Epoch Times is a popular regional Chinese-language magazine that is popular in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. With 8 million readers, it is one of the largest Chinese advertorial in existence. Their recent article entitled “Superior Oil from Australia” […]

How to treat bacterial infection for eczema wound

Most eczema sufferers are advised to follow that the correct skincare regime and thus, trying many different products. Sometimes, finding the right natural product and skincare regime helps. Here is how one of our reader found her relief after many years: July 2017 Background : A reader consulted us on the correct skincare to use […]

Where to Buy Emu Oil in Singapore

YNotNatural Pure Emu oil can be purchased online at Skinshare.sg. You can also buy it at several stores and retail outlets around Singapore. Buy emu oil in stores The address and contact number for each of the retail shops are listed below: To avoid disappointment, please call the retail shops before visiting to check if […]

Omega369 Emu Oil by YNotNatural – Now available in Singapore

What is emu oil? Emu oil is a product derived from the fat of the emu, a large flightless bird native to Australia. Australian aboriginals have historically used it as a natural skin emollient, well before the invention of commercial moisturisers. Why is emu oil so good for eczema? The Emu bird is well-adapted to […]