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Itch relief cream formulated by dermatologist – Suu Balm

This 2-in-1 cream is both itch-relieving AND moisturizing at the same time. Suu Balm  is formulated in Singapore at the National Skin Centre (NSC), Singapore back in 2011 when a dermatologist, who was running the itch clinic at NSC found a need for eczema sufferers to relief their itch and at the same time helps to moisturize […]

Using Aloe Vera to Treat Eczema from Within; Good for Scars too

Aloe vera is well known as a popular home remedy. The fleshy insides of the thick aloe vera leaf are supposed to have healing properties. Some apply aloe vera in their hair, some use it for cuts and burns, and use it to bathe. It’s also widely available in drink or even dessert form. Since aloe […]

How to Relieve Contact Dermatitis with Gloves In A Bottle (Shielding Lotion)

If you have contact dermatitis, then it’s important to keep your skin clear of everyday irritants.It’s very easy to get exposed to dust and chemicals, especially if you do lots of housework. And some articles recommend simply wearing gloves when doing the dishes. But many people – myself included – find that even the latex […]