How this customized Eczema Diet saved my SKIN!

Eczema has been affecting me my whole life. I’ve tried many ways to ‘heal’ and ‘recover’ myself from it, but failed every single time as I was so reliant on steroids ever since I was young – Arlinda*

Bee’s Eczema Diet Consultation Session

When I first met her, she portrayed symptoms of a chronic eczema sufferer – lethargic, lack of sleep with inflamed patches of skin, dry thicken scaly skin on most part of her body. Like every young lady, she was conscious of passerby who may stare at her skin. She attempted to hide her reddened skin with a cap & long sleeve jacket.

Left arm inflammed, itchy and thickened from constant scratching

After introducing ourselves, and making her feel comfortable with a glass of water, she started explaining her history of eczema to me.

On my end, I’ve tried countless home remedies and supplements that I’ve came across online and ended up with bad flare ups. With all the inflammation that was going on inside of my body for such an extensive period of time, my immune system was so weak and I kept falling sick, I was at my wit’s end.

She was very prepared – and brought her blood test results, and provided history of her current medication, supplements and treatment that she has done. The next 45 minutes was spent interviewing her thoroughly on her current food choices and diet, observation of her skin and checklist of general health symptoms.

Bee Lian meticulously explained to me what eczema diet is all about and answered all the burning questions I have for her before I even ask.

To ensure that we have an effective eczema diet program, I explained what the customized report will entail and her food preferences. Necessary preparation and expectations were also clarified. She was pleasantly surprised that she does not need to starve and can eventually get to eat some of her favorite food. She looked very hopeful at the end of the session. 

In addition, I recommended the correct skincare regime base on her skin condition and how to relief her itch and inflammation by using the appropriate products at the correct time. 

A few days later…

The customized report was really detailed. It has clear instructions on suggested meal plans and places to get the ingredients from. Bee Lian has also suggested a few supplements based on what my body needs.

The report was sent over via email to Arlinda. We arranged a 15 min call so that I could go through the report, and explain any other doubts that she may have. And with that, she was ready to embark on her eczema-friendly food program.

Two months later…

When I saw Arlinda, she looked so different – more cheerful, rested and importantly, her skin was not obviously red or inflamed. She wanted to get our itch-relief cream for a small stubborn area but she said that most of her severely itchy and inflamed area has mostly subsided. I am very proud of her determination and perseverance in following the food list that was customized for her. She was so happy that she agreed to share her testimony to motivate other eczema sufferers.


Rating a 5 star doesn’t do Bee Lian justice because her service was really beyond that. It truly felt like there was someone who can fully understand what you’ve been through, you can sense her genuine care and concern. My skin has improved tremendously and I stopped falling sick so often. I’m really glad that I’ve met an angel like her. – Arlinda*

* Name has been changed to protect privacy. The above testimonial & photos have been kindly offered with written permission from our patient/reader. Your results may vary from the photos shown. ~ Bee @ Skinshare SG

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