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Why Do Eczema Flare-ups Happen (And What You Can Do About It)?

When you tell someone (who doesn’t have eczema) that you have eczema, they will immediately launch into “advice” mode. “Have you tried avoiding this?”. “Have you tried applying that?”. I’m sure they mean well. But suggesting treatment methods are not helpful until you actually know the reason for your flare-ups.  So, let’s chat about why […]

Scientists Just Found Out That a Bacteria Tells Your Skin to Itch

Eczema bacteria

Eczema sufferers, there’s some hopeful news on the horizon. Scientists have uncovered a fascinating link between the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus and the relentless itching that characterizes eczema. Researchers have known that people with eczema tend to have higher amounts of Staphylococcus aureus on their skin. But, are they there because of your scratching? Or are […]

Post-Pregnancy Eczema: One Nurse’s Journey to Restoring Her Healthy Skin

postpartum eczema singapore

As a nurse, Alina’s day includes tasks such as checking patient’s vital signs and administering medication. Her hands are constantly in motion, tirelessly working to provide comfort and healing. However, being a nurse also means subjecting her hands to frequent washing and sanitisation, a necessary precaution to maintain a sterile environment. But, soon after her […]

Bestselling Childs Farm Toiletries Now Available in Singapore

[Update 24th June 2024 : We have discontinued Childs Farm range in our store, replaced with Itchy Baby Co. range] Give your child happy skin with our range of Childs Farm baby/child moisturisers, gentle cleansers, and shampoos. Childs Farm is a specialist toiletries provider for little ones, based out of the UK. All products use […]

These bamboo eczema gloves will stop you from scratching unconsciously at night

bamboo eczema gloves

If you wear special eczema gloves made from bamboo fibres before you sleep, is it possible to break (or reduce) the habit of scratching at night? Let’s find out. Everyone who suffers from eczema knows that the symptoms usually get worse at night. The constant itching makes it difficult, if not impossible to get a […]

Elderly hand eczema gets better in two weeks

Dina* in Yishun contacted us about the condition of her elderly mother’s hand eczema. Her mother’s hands were dry, blistered and the skin was cracking open in places. Her condition was more pronounced at the fingers. “The doctor recommended to apply moisturiser, but her condition is pretty bad and it wasn’t helping much”, she said. […]