My Eczema Diet (Part 1)

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Now that I’ve completed my Nutrition Therapist course (Hooray!), I can start putting in practice what I have learned in my own eczema diet. Coincidentally an ex-colleague has kindly shared about an Australian nutritionist who came up with supplements which have been specially created for eczema condition and this gave me the motivation to start, now that I am getting all the required nutrition. In addition, she also has a very good alkaline-acid & eczema friendly food chart which I can compliment with the food that I’m focusing and eliminating from my diet.

I have been on my eczema diet for 10 days now and so far I notice that my skin has calmed down somewhat. Of course the other change in my body is that I’ve stopped breastfeeding and with my menstruation now starting again, my hormonal change may have some effect on my skin too. But with my dairy elimination and some food avoidance(I will elaborate more in subsequent postings on how I came up with this list), I feel more energized and maybe the body feel less taxed too. I wrote down the list and posted in my dining area to remind me on what to avoid.

Continued : My Eczema Diet (Part 2)


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