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My Eczema Diet

Eczema-diet is fundamentally alkaline-based, food choices that are non itch causing. This is a personal diary of an eczema-sufferer under-going the eczema diet : The start….. I have been on my eczema diet for 10 days now and so far I notice that my skin has calmed down somewhat. Of course the other change in […]

My Eczema Diet (Part 1)

<Update Jan 2017> – merged with My Eczema Diet (Part 2) -> http://wp.me/p3d7uY-gD Now that I’ve completed my Nutrition Therapist course (Hooray!), I can start putting in practice what I have learned in my own eczema diet. Coincidentally an ex-colleague has kindly shared about an Australian nutritionist who came up with supplements which have been specially […]

Three food diary apps to help detect your eczema triggers

Do you wonder whether certain kinds of foods cause your skin to flare up? When I did my skin prick test for food last year at National Skin Centre, the skin specialist mentioned that it’s not exhaustive because they only have samples for up to 30 common food specimens. Typically we end up eating a […]