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Expert advice on Coping with Allergies by SGH Doctors

Skinshare Singapore is proud to be part of a Public Forum organized by the Singapore General Hospital : SGH Allergy Centre. This is a Free Public Forum on how to cope with Adult Allergies, with talks given by doctors/dermatologists. Topics include : Stop the Itch! Coping with Atopic Eczema Drug Allergy Myths & Truths of Food Allergy Allergic […]

Olive Oil Skincare – All natural 100% Australian

Discount : 5% OFF  | Discount code : “SKINSHARE5” NOURISH YOUR SKIN, NATURALLY Olive Oil SkinCare Company brings to you products based on an ingredient that has been proven over thousands of years in the laboratory of time – Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Their main ingredient is Extra Virgin Olive Oil that is derived from an eco-friendly resource, […]

Naturally Free Eczema Treatment : SLEEP

Sleep is a luxury for eczema sufferers. Falling asleep is a challenge because our skin feels itchier at night and when you get woken up by the discomfort, it is tough to fall asleep again. For young babies or children with eczema, parents struggle to ensure their children are comfortable so that they don’t keep […]

How I Overcame Topical Steroid Withdrawal After 2 Years

Finally after 8 years, I can smell the roses. 2 years ago, I decided to embark on the journey of topical steroid withdrawal (TSW). It has been a roller-coaster life experience, testing my mental and physical strength to the limit. But with every life challenge, we draw strength from it and grow stronger, changing our […]

My Eczema Diet

Eczema-diet is fundamentally alkaline-based, food choices that are non itch causing. This is a personal diary of an eczema-sufferer under-going the eczema diet : The start….. I have been on my eczema diet for 10 days now and so far I notice that my skin has calmed down somewhat. Of course the other change in […]

Antiseptic Cream – Germolene

Review on Germolene : I have been having broken skin from the intense scratching at night. After reading several journals/articles about how antibiotic ointment affects the skin’s natural ability to fight germs & have a balanced flaura, we shouldn’t apply it continuously to broken skin. So I opted for a more general method to disinfect my […]

Three food diary apps to help detect your eczema triggers

Do you wonder whether certain kinds of foods cause your skin to flare up? When I did my skin prick test for food last year at National Skin Centre, the skin specialist mentioned that it’s not exhaustive because they only have samples for up to 30 common food specimens. Typically we end up eating a […]