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Naturally Free Eczema Treatment : SLEEP

Sleep is a luxury for eczema sufferers. Falling asleep is a challenge because our skin feels itchier at night and when you get woken up by the discomfort, it is tough to fall asleep again. For young babies or children with eczema, parents struggle to ensure their children are comfortable so that they don’t keep […]

My Eczema Diet (Part 1)

<Update Jan 2017> – merged with My Eczema Diet (Part 2) -> http://wp.me/p3d7uY-gD Now that I’ve completed my Nutrition Therapist course (Hooray!), I can start putting in practice what I have learned in my own eczema diet. Coincidentally an ex-colleague has kindly shared about an Australian nutritionist who came up with supplements which have been specially […]