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Eczema diet – Food choices that help reduce eczema symptoms.

Introduce solid food to baby correctly

According to British Skin Foundation, atopic eczema (as well as asthma and hay fever) tends to run in families. If one or both parents suffer from eczema, asthma or hay fever, it is more likely that their children will suffer from them too. So if you or any of your family has eczema, then do […]

Eczema-friendly snack

Most of us are busy with our everyday work or daily routine tasks. Thus, having a customized snack box which is itch-free ingredients and healthy for skin will definitely be helpful. It allows us to enjoy a healthy snack in between meals or you are taking a break at work. Made Real is a subscription service […]

Histamine Intolerance

Have you ever noticed a slight raised bump on your arm which goes away after a while? Do you realize that your skin feels flushed after eating certain food? Some people get hives after eating cheese or drinking wine. What is causing this reaction to our skin? What is histamine? Histamine is a natural substance […]

3 Surprising Veggies to Avoid if Your Skin is Itching

“Eat your veggies”, mummy says. From young we were all encouraged to eat lots of vegetables because it’s good for our health. But did you know that some of these veggies contain naturally occurring chemicals that can possibly aggravate itching? Through some research, it appears to affect people with a salicylate sensitivity. Here are some of […]

Natural antihistamine – Quercetin

One of a very common eczema trigger or allergy is external environmental factors eg. dust mites (most common) or chemicals that exists in detergent, hand soap etc. If your skin comes in contact with these allergens, your body will react to produce histamines and that causes itching and rashes flareups. Doctors would commonly prescribe antihistamine or […]

Probiotics for Healthy Skin

We are all well aware that probiotics are good for the digestive system. In addition, the good bacteria colony is also essential for promoting healthy skin and balancing our skin’s flora (microorganism which resides on the skin). These microorganisms help with our skin’s immune system and to fight bad bacteria and fungus. Most skin diseases […]

My Eczema Diet (Part 1)

<Update Jan 2017> – merged with My Eczema Diet (Part 2) -> Now that I’ve completed my Nutrition Therapist course (Hooray!), I can start putting in practice what I have learned in my own eczema diet. Coincidentally an ex-colleague has kindly shared about an Australian nutritionist who came up with supplements which have been specially […]

Turmeric Honey Drink

Most TCM and ayuverdic practitioner would suggest to include tumeric, which can help you reduce skin inflammation so that you can get relief from itchiness and pain during any skin flareup. Tumeric has a powerful anti-oxidant called curcumin, which is also an anti-inflammatory food. One pleasant and easy way to include tumeric into your food […]